Grooms Matter Too You Are In Right Hands
  • Oct

    Getting married is one of the most heartfelt moment in our lives, Not only we are binding ourselves with someone in a contract but also we are promising to spend rest of our lives with them. On our wedding day we would want everything to be picture perfect like it is directly out of a movie screen, from decorations to management we would want to ensure nothing feels lack luster because after all it is one of the most magical time of our lives so we want to make the most of it.

    Choosing the perfect intimate wedding venues where we can invite everyone close to us and make the vows can be quite an intimidating task for make, and there are a variety of different things we need to put in consideration before finalizing our wedding venue. So let’s see what things we have to consider before finalizing a wedding menu.


    Without a doubt the location of the wedding matters the most when choosing a perfect wedding venues. We may have guests coming from far away so we have to ensure the venue will be properly able to accommodate everyone and be easily accessible.

    Wedding pictures are something which we treasure for the rest of our lives so we can feel that moment again every time we lay our eyes upon those pictures, so we would want the location to be as beautiful as it can be to serve as an aesthetic background for the pictures.

    Theme & Style

    Deciding the theme of the wedding is highly essential on how the event is going to be, whether we want to keep it formal or informal and go old fashioned or something modern, Once we find out what we are looking for it will be much easier to find intimate wedding venues which can suit our needs and decorated how we want it to be.


    It is important to see if the management of the venue is co-operative or not, and whether they can provide the type of cuisine we would want on our special day and provide the highest standard of service to ensure we do not have to face any problems at the time.

    Finding a wedding venue can be quite an intimidating task because we have to ensure it is as perfect as it possibly can, So if you are having trouble finding the right wedding venue to suit your needs then Lakeside Banquet & Convention Centre may be able to provide you with just what you are looking for. Located in Melbourne’s western suburbs whether you want small function venues or intimate wedding venues Melbourne they have you covered with top-notch management providing the highest standard of service to ensure your special day is nothing short of a scene directly out of a movie.

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