Grooms Matter Too You Are In Right Hands
  • Mar

    Wedding is the day when bride and groom want everything perfect and special, weather its furniture, food or what they wear, mostly the most important decision is wedding dresses for bride because the selection of dress describe lot about the bride people make this a point of judgment because there are so many brides who are not fat but they look fat and vice versa. Brides  create this myth that expensive dresses are worthy to wear or they look good on them ,no matter where she belong to rich or middle class family she prefer to buy dress form the branded  bridal shops. People mostly prefer the branded dresses for their weddings; they consider it as a class symbol because of the selection of bridal shops they get judged.

    Brides want to look beautiful and unique in their wedding they want to wear something no one else wear before, that’s why the first thing come in their minds after hearing word wedding is their bridal dress.

    Families search the best bridal shop of the town no matter how expensive it is, basically bridal shops charge a lot they never start form the low price, they always begin with the branded and expensive one because they are not concern about how you look but to earn the maximum money from each client, the best part is people are ready to pay for it they think the expensive is the best, bridal shops use this strategy and grab the maximum clients ,but the fact is there are so many other bridal shops as well, who provide the best lace dresses in low prices according to the people choices with so many other options like ; handmade work, pearl work , beads work and they provide you in a reasonable prices, but people consider it as a status symbol to buy the dress form the big shops but the fact is the best thing is which look good on bride, no matter how low cost it is or how expensive it should look good on bride, people should consider this that body type matters a lot, brides with tall height who look good in short gowns but on the other hand short height brides don’t prefer to choose short gowns, if short gowns are expensive but they are not looking good on the bride it’s not worthy, people should know this their personalities make thing worthy not the price tags but branded bridal shops use this as a strategy what they are selling it might be available on other bridal shops as well but people consider their shops due to renown name or status.

    Bridal shops are almost same it usually happens the branded shop having the same designs but different price ranges whereas the designs are same but because they are in a branded shop there price increases.

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